About Vintage Jules

I find unusual one of a kind vintage pieces, pocket watches, watch chains, fobs, Buddhas, charms, prayer beads, amulets, vintage medals, vintage coin purses , whistles & compasses and I create jewelry with each treasure. Each piece is special because it is made from someone’s history. Here’s the history that brought me here.

When you lose someone you love you look for them everywhere you go.... you look for a sign that they are still with you. My dad passed away and I miss him everywhere I am. I look for signs of him everywhere I go. So when I was tinkering with jewelry from some of the treasures I had been collecting with my husband on our Sunday swap meet adventures…. I found my Dad in places I least expected and wasn’t really looking.

And when I created some pieces to wear & was stopped by people asking where I bought them…my dad found me.
My dad found me as soon as I tried to come up with a name for my business…. My dad’s middle name was Jules. Thanks Dad.

My dad found me when I was designing a business card. I found an old baby picture of him with a pocket watch & chain hanging from his mouth! I have been collecting old pocket watches & watch chains…Again…thanks Dad.

This is how I travel through life with my dad, Stanley Jules, right beside me…making one of a kind Vintage Jules.

Stanley Jules Lostfogel 
2/8/28 - 11/3/09